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Your donation helps the outreach and ministry of Vessel more than you know! With your help, we are able to fund community service projects and group events.

Our preferred donation option is Venmo. Please send to @Vessel_Ministry.

You can also fill out the form below to donate online via PayPal, or contact us if you have another preferred method to donate.


As the Founder and Chief Administrator of the organization I (Doug Serra) need financial assistance as our ministry grows both in size and influence.

  • I work a couple different jobs and so financial alleviation will allow me to focus more on the ministry.

  • In our personal lives we are trying to start a family and so my wife and I want to be proper stewards of that alongside this non-profit.

To increase our scale and number of service projects.

  • Currently we are doing four large service projects a year, including Service Sunday at The Ridge Community Church.

  • Our budget per project (3 total) is $500.

To increase food budget to feed more people as we continue to grow.

  • Currently we provide decent meals and snacks for our group throughout the year but we are slowly adding new people.

  • With more in the food budget we could assist one of our other gatherings, which is Volleyball on Sundays to lessen the financial burden on students to pay money for dinner as well as the strain it puts on my parents every week.

  • Volleyball alone brings in up to 20 students a gathering.

  • Events like Unite that are large in scale we would like to upgrade in terms of refreshments as our attendance continues to increase.

To help us purchase additional bible study resources for continued education.

  • By increasing the quality of resources we can continue to increase the quality of bible studies happening weekly.

  • Students are provided with an even more comprehensive discipleship.

Having the ability to take large groups to powerful conferences.

  • Currently we haven’t had enough in our budget to go to conferences like Passion. Being able to do even one a year would be effective, especially if we could do something all expenses or most expenses paid.


Depending on how much we grow, having the ability to rent a space as a home base where we can host events like Unite and Created.

  • Having a space all our own would allow us to house events, additional resources, a coffee house type of atmosphere, consistent community, and a home for the work part of what we do.

  • This will help eliminate the issue of hospitality that comes from meeting in large churches or other buildings. Meeting in homes are great but space becomes a problem for large group gatherings. A space “We Own” at the very least greatly mitigates that problem.


Having the ability to sponsor students and even families when need arises.

  • Since it is such a tumultuous age group, needs arise constantly that we just can’t meet at the moment. A helping hand can and is massive in the lives of people in tough spots. This is an age old method that proves faithful and is throughout scripture in the hands and feet of Christ.

Building a library.

  • A theological and even Christian fiction style library can continue education and growth that further challenges students in their daily walks outside the ministry.

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