VESSEL wouldn't exist without the support and encouragement of each member, as well as it's dedicated leaders.


Founder, Chief Administrator & Small Group Leader

"The North Georgia mountains has been my home for most of my life, and while I didn’t always want to live in this rural area, God quickly showed me he had and still very much has a mission for my life here in this place I get to call home. God rocked my soul at the age of 12, and from there it has been a story of God’s providence in my life amidst hardships as well as powerful opportunities He has blessed me with for the kingdom. He has met me with challenge after challenge as He has tested my faith and refined me despite my failures. Easily one of the most difficult and rewarding of these challenges was my call at 23 to lead a large group of people I had met in a bible study. VESSEL has been an incredible journey for me and countless others as the Lord has told us to hold on to His coattails while He does His work. God has allowed me the privilege of guiding young adults spiritually while doing life beside them, and what a humbling work it is! What was once a small bible study of searching believers has grown into an example of what the body of Christ can look like in unity within the next generation of leaders. We look forward to serving you."


Instagram Lead and Women’s Bible Study Lead

 "I was born and raised in little Ellijay, Georgia. Being homeschooled in a Christian family that taught me Biblical values on a daily basis is something I would come to appreciate as I got older. In high school, I was a student leader in my youth group and was discipled by my youth pastors very intentionally. They taught me how to make my faith my own and grow in my relationship with Christ. After I met my husband, Douglas Serra, through a friend, we started dating, and he invited me to the college ministry he was leading. It turned out to be exactly what I needed both in fellowship and spirit-driven community! The ministry started growing and has evolved into VESSEL Ministry. This beautiful community of young adults that are growing and doing life together, while being so open and raw with one another, is such an amazing thing to have at this age. They love Christ and love people -- something I am so blessed to be able to help cultivate!"


Kami Kapler

Vessel Newsletter Writer


Grace Patterson

Website Editor


Tye Cooper

Service Project Manager