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Community Service | Aug-Sept, 2022

Updated: May 2, 2023

We had a multitude of challenges throughout this quarter in completing projects. Between reschedules of those in need and complications with the gravity of the projects, we had to complete most of these over the course of two months. It was difficult, but the Lord is faithful in all things, and these projects were blessed nonetheless!

The first one was for Ella May Voyles who lives a mere 10 minutes down the road from me (Blairsville). This sweet lady is living in a very small space that was in desperate need of repairs and installations. We were able to install a bathtub, repair multiple cosmetic issues, fix a door, finish laying her vinyl flooring, and we hung a fan and light in her little kitchen/dining area. Several conversations about God and life in general ensued as we got to know miss Ella. She is one of the sweetest ladies we have gotten to know this year!

Next up was our service to First Fruits Ministry of Blue Ridge. On top of their work in the local area delivering hot meals to the needy, they share the gospel with all they come in contact with. This ministry has been steadily growing in 2022. This has led to them securing a building a property so they can expand their efforts. One known fact about them is that in 2022, they gave more service project information to Vessel than any other individual, group, or church. We are thrilled to be partnered with them as they have their hand on the pulse of the poor community in this area. A few of our members were able to power wash and stain their front rails over the course of a couple of weeks. They came out beautifully!

We also found ourselves going back to the Copper Basin Crisis Center to finish up some leftover electrical.

Lastly, there was a project for a man out in Blue Ridge who we built stairs for. It is a delicate and difficult situation; this man has stage four cancer and is living in a shack on stilts, formed with cinder blocks, in the middle of nowhere, with no running water or electricity. Others are looking into supplying him with more of what he needs or hopefully convincing him to find somewhere else to live. In the meantime, he needed stairs so he could safely walk down from this two story high house. He was using a makeshift ladder to get down. Our guys did a wonderful job of building safe and secure steps for him to access. Please pray for this man as he has few people around him and is in a very severe situation.

Some projects are harder to take on than others, but when we are willing to have trust in Christ and exercise some discernment, the Lord blesses our efforts. Not every project ends as positively as would like, but we know that we serve a loving and sovereign God who wastes nothing. He will always get glory and His people will always be blessed because of that fact. Thank you for your continued prayers!

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