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Community Service | Feb-March 2023

Updated: May 2, 2023

In early January of this year, we helped a young mother and her 2 year-old child in Epworth, GA. They are currently living in a Home Depot shed and were in desperate need. Due to some familial circumstances, we focused on getting her car back to a more drivable state. We diagnosed the issues, drove the vehicle to a mechanic, and got it fixed and returned back to Epworth - all just in time for the mother's new job!

Over the course of February and March, we were met with a very difficult situation that comes from the heart of a mother. Lisa desperately needs help for her 34 year-old son, Nathan, who lost his son in the last couple of years and went through a divorce. His house is falling apart, and he has no electricity or way to heat his home. We delivered firewood a couple times and were able to wire the house enough for the local power company to come out and get him set up for connection. Unfortunately, we have had to completely back away from this project since then; Nathan has shown very erratic behavior and signs of major substance abuse. Please pray for the Lord's care and power here as Lisa now must take on this challenge with her son. Exposing this issue will hopefully lead to something encouraging in the future!

On March 11th, we went back to serve one of our favorite local ministries, First Fruits of Fannin County. This time, they were in need of some small decks out back for accessibility purposes for the older staff that work there. With the help of Cooper Patton, his team from Brown Haven Homes, and Vessel members, we were able to get them both built in a day.

Lastly, Vessel was able to help First Fruits with one more project the same day we built the decks. The food trailer and kitchen needed a deep clean, and so we sent a crew out to work on these interiors for the wonderful volunteers of this local ministry.

These four service projects were mostly a joy to take on, as it brings us closer together and makes an impact in our community. For the projects that are harder and more challenging to take on, it serves to embolden us as we step into the darkness in our bible belt culture. Please continue to pray for us.

The harvest is great but the workers are few. Thankfully, numbers have never concerned our God. He does His best work with those few that would boast in their weakness. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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