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Community Service | July 10th, 2021

Updated: May 2, 2023

We hit a milestone July 10th... Vessel completed 5 service projects in one day! The Lord moved in a special way, allowing us to accomplish so much in our service and ministering. The humidity and heat were challenging, but by grace and sweat, at least 5 peoples lives were touched.

Our first project was for First Fruits, a ministry under The Ridge Community Church. This wonderful group of people, led by Gina Huff, goes around the community, offering hot meals and the gospel to needy people throughout Fannin County, GA. Three of our students served by doing a deep clean of their main van and truck. First Fruits thanked us not only verbally, but also by providing lunch for all of our volunteers at all 5 sites. It was a huge blessing!

Our second project was one for Betty out of McCaysville, GA. She lives in a small apartment and is of poor health. She is moving back home up north and desperately needed help packing up her stuff and getting it ready for pickup at the end of the month. We were blessed to pray over her before we left, to which her gratefulness was deeply felt.

The third project of the bunch was for Kelly and Louise out of Young Harris, GA. These two widows needed quite a bit of work done on their house. Flooring was removed, drywall was hung, and framing was put in. It was great to hear the testimonies of our crew while working alongside some new faces in that serving team!

Fourthly, a crew was sent out to Ruth, who lives in McCaysville, GA. She has had a lot of medical complications and can no longer take care of her property like she used to. There was weed eating that needed to be done and some rails that needed to be replaced that had rotted away. This project isn't yet complete, as there was concrete involved that needed to set. We plan to go back and finish this in the coming weeks. Regardless of completion status, Ruth was just thankful to have us there to do anything to begin with. She was very interested in what our ministry does, and so we were able to encourage her in our time there.

Finally we have Maine' out of Farner, TN. Maine' has lived in her disheveled home her entire life. She is alone these days and unable to tend to her house that is falling apart, little-by-little. Though there are many other projects there we hope to tackle in the coming months, we were able to work on a ramp that goes out her back door to her garden. The stairs she had before were too steep, and she would fall down them. With a ramp almost ready to go, she can more easily access her garden.

To be able to show people in these communities the love of Christ through service is a special endeavor. Yes, it is a command, but it is one sewn into us by the Holy Spirit. We do it because our desires have changed as new creations in Christ. What seems confusing to people who don't often receive help, let alone for free, for us is a joy and encouragement to embark on. Sometimes it's the help itself that affects someone's heart... sometimes it's praying over them... and sometimes it's that one smile that makes all the difference.

Christ shows up in so many ways when his people are willing to submit. Thank you God for so many helping hands! Pray for us as we continue to go out into our communities.

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