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Community Service | May 8th, 2021

Updated: May 2, 2023

Two of our three projects consisted of return trips to projects from back in March. We visited Mountain Fellowship Camp again to clean up debris from a couple of big spring storms. With the camp being so large, we sent around 12 volunteers to gather, cut, and remove branches, logs, leaves, and sticks. This camp in Suches is one of the few influential Christian establishments in the area and is a privilege for us to serve in! If you have a group of youth that you would like to take on a summer trip this year, consider Mountain Fellowship Camp in Suches, Georgia.

There is a wide array of awesome activities available to our youth. Our other return trip was back to Steve Pye's trailer out in Blairsville, GA. Unfortunately, Steve passed away after we served in March of this year to an aneurysm, leaving his property to his mother. We did trash removal, but there is still plenty of work that needs to be done over there. Please be praying for Steve's surrounding family as they cope with the loss. Pray especially for his ex wife, Carrie, who took care of him up until his passing.

Lastly, we served a wonderful lady named Barbara who lives in Blairsville. We tended to her property by laying mulch, pulling weeds, and landscaping. We were touched by her kindness and lifelong dedication to serving those in need. At 81 she is ready to get back into the full swing of mentorship and service in our community. May we see ourselves as such servants both now and if the Lord blesses us to live to such a rich age.

I think of Paul who desired among all things to finish the race well! It's inspiring to see such humility both over 2,000 years ago and now in the 21st century. God is an enduring Father. Let us honor that timeless love by never tiring to do good and holding fast to it.

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