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November 9th, 2019

This batch of projects was the most challenging yet -- not because of the labor involved, as our volunteers yet again poured themselves out, conquering all that we had on the agenda, and in turn sharing a witness for the kingdom. These projects were testing due to some surrounding circumstances. Everything from potential rain, missing supplies, scheduling issues, and many other small hiccups threatened to greatly complicate what God had set before us. But we remember where it says in scripture, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). Sure enough, God came through and answered every concern, leaving not even the smallest issue unresolved.

And so this time around, we went back to Sue Price's once more to help put in some cabinets, haul off multiple loads of trash, repair a floor, and do some yard work. On our second site, we had a group chain sawing downed trees, splitting wood, stacking that wood for fire, and doing yard cleanup for an older lady named Janice who lives off the grid on just the bare basics. Finally, we sent a small group out to Susie's. As an elderly woman, there isn't much she can do for herself, and so there was yard work and unfinished rock work on the outside of her home that had never been completed.

With these projects all completed, we have finished a total of 12 service projects this year. It is incredible what has been accomplished and how God has used each of us in the lives of the less fortunate. It has been a massive blessing that has spoken to each one of us and has easily become one of our favorite things to do through Vessel.

I am beyond thankful for each one of these volunteers and the God-given heart they have shared with so many. God-willing we can step into even more in our serving in 2020. To anyone that these stories have touched, we thank God for the opportunity to serve as examples in some small way. Look forward to the coming months!

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