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Community Service | September 18th, 2021

Updated: May 2, 2023

The Lord has kept us busy this year with projects! It has been a blessing to have so many more come through this year as more people are hearing of our efforts. Two of the four projects this time around were going back to projects we made a lot of headway with but hadn't gotten a chance to completely finish. Ruth and Maine' needed to have their stairs completed and ramp adjusted respectively. Our guys did a wonderful job serving these two ladies. In addition to these projects, we were also sent to Miss Claudine's apartment in Blue Ridge, where we removed old and decrepit furniture, did some cleaning and rearranging, which made it easier for her to move around. It was a touching opportunity to gather in a circle afterwards and pray together with her.

Lastly, we sent a couple people to Andrew's home in Blairsville. Between sickness and job losses, their family has suffered quite a bit. With little income and a broken lawn mower, the grass had become quite high. We were able to weed eat it down around the houses and out front. Thankfully we were about to send out someone with a zero point turn mower the following week to finish.

Pray for us and those we help as more and more projects come in. Some situations we walk into are worse than others.

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